Daily Excursions

East Coast

Chania – Souda – Kalami – Kalives – Almirida – Vamos

They are all beautiful villages with some tourist infrastructure, situated along the coast to the east of Chania, with the exception of Vamos, that is located in the inland; Almirida is a very picturesque harbour with many sea-food taverns. Vamos is quite particular, in that the majority of the village’s houses have been restored. Going to Vamos, in the inland, after having visited the villages on the coast could be a very nice way to finish this excursion.

Chania – Georgioupoli – Rethymnon (distance: 65 km)

Georgioupoli is one more beautiful town with many hotels, whereas Rethymnon (Crete’s third city with regard to population) is a very picturesque historic town; in its quaint port, you can enjoy a quick cup of coffee or an excellent sea-food dinner or lunch – and everything in between.

North West Coast

Balos – Gramvousa

If you plan to go to the Balos Lagoon and to the Gramvousa Island, the first option is going by car. Taking the cruise from Kissamos is the second – and way better in our opinion – option. There are three boats departing every day. You can take the morning boat (around 10:00) from the port of Kastelli (you‘ll need half an hour to reach Kastelli by bus), or the last one at 12:00 at noon. The whole excursion lasts, approximately, 8 hours and, apart from the trip itself, you will have many hours to swim, hang out, and enjoy yourself in a place that looks like it came out of a postcard.

Visit this unforgettable place and spend a day there. In our opinion, it is one of the most impressive sceneries that the Cretan land has to offer you.

Chania – Kolymbari – Falassarna (distance: 50 km)

Falassarna is a beach of exotic beauty, golden sand and crystal-clear blue waters. To the west of Chania and after the town of Kissamos (Kastelli) one can find the Falassarna Beach (it’s a 40-minute drive). Leaving Falassarna, if you follow the road to the south, you get to Sfinari, a small village with a wonderful beach; it’s another place worth visiting.


Chania – Therisso Gorge (from Perivolia village, distance: 22 km)

This amazing gorge begins after Perivolia, and through it we are lead to the historic village of Therisso. There, one can enjoy a very good meal in one of the many traditional taverns (you should definitely try "sfakiani pita" for dessert).

Chania – (Episkopi – Fournes – Skines) – Omalos

It’s a particularly nice stretch at the table-land of Omalos. Fournes and Skines are two charming traditional villages. The renowned gorge of Samaria begins at Omalos.

South West Coast

Chania - Kastelli – Monastery of Chrysoskalitissa – Elafonissi (distance: 73 km)

When going to the famed Elafonissi Beach, stop just before it to visit the Chryssoskalitissa Monastery. The monastery is built on a very high rock and the view from up there is amazing!

Once you 've reached Elafonissi, don’t stay at the main beach; cross the lagoon until you have reached the small island that‘s ahead of you; it has a number of beautiful coves, usually, not too crowded. Next to Elafonissi, although it’s not so easy to find, is the Kedrodassos Beach, one of the most beautiful tropical beaches you could ever imagine. Elafonissi itself is, undoubtedly, a magnificent exotic beach, even when it is very crowded.

On your way back, don’t follow the same road from which you came, but instead take the mountain road. After Elos village make a 20-minute deviation to visit the stone built village of Milia, up in the mountains. A meal there is an absolute must!

South Coast

Chania – (through Voukolies) – Paleochora (distance: 72 km)

Paleochora is a summer resort with many sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Chania – (Alikianos – Skines – Prases – Tsiskiana) – Gorge of Agia Irini

The prize for taking this particularly beautiful hiking trail is that when you get to the end of it in Sougia Bay, you can have a wonderful swim. The only problem is that if you go to the gorge by car you will have to find a way to get back to where you left it after you‘ve reached Sougia. If you go to the gorge by bus, you‘ll have to take another bus from Sougia to get back to Chania.

Samaria Gorge – Agia Roumeli

Another excursion that can’t go without mentioning is the world-known Samaria Gorge, one of the longest gorges in Europe. Nevertheless, you should think it twice if you have knee problems, because it can be really tiring.

Visit the small village that lies at the end of the gorge (in case you don’t have the time, skip the gorge and go straight to the village).

The shore is lapped by the Libyan Sea with its shades of deep blue, mystifying even in broad daylight. A prized souvenir of your visit could be the exquisite local honey. The dishes with goat meat are superb and the same goes for the homemade mizithra cheese.

Chora Sfakion – Fragkokastello – Aradena Gorge

Sfakia is one of the most renowned places in Greece, mainly for the bravery and straightforwardness of the villagers. Before reaching Sfakia (1-hour drive) you will find the beautiful Imbros Gorge. The landscape after Imbros and towards Sfakia is breathtaking.

Once you 've arrived in Sfakia, go either to Iliggas (a 5-minute drive to the west) for swimming or take the opposite direction towards Fragokastello (a 20-minute drive) where you 'll find a very well maintained Venetian castle. Past the village lies Orthi Ammos, a very nice beach, (you will find it more easily if you look for a hotel called “Fata Morgana”, since the beach is right below).

Now, if you like the mountains, before leaving Sfakia, you should definitely visit the Anopoli village and the Vardinogiannis bridge (30-minute drive from Sfakia). It offers an astonishing view of Aradena Gorge.